The Heart of a Woman

The Heart of a Woman is a sculpture of iron wire, 17 meters tall, that was created with the help of the Midburn Community at its desert festival near Sde Boker.

The idea for a sculpture was born after I was hospitalized at Hadassah, Ein Kerem to replace my pacemaker. Looking at the x-ray of my rib cage, in which I identified so many old electrode wires and the bodies of old pacemakers, inspired me and gave me the idea to turn that image into a sculpture.

I created the sculpture with Nihad Dabit, an artist who lives and creates in Ramle. Dabit and I had exhibited works together on the olive in the Museum of Umm al-Fahm, an event that built chemistry between us. Since then, we have cooperated on a number of projects.

The woman is also a tree with branches – arms reaching toward the sky with her fingers like branches. She holds flags on which appear rib cages in abstract form. She has a heart within her, a heart that beats at the rate of drums – people located at the foot of the sculpture can drum on barrels set up for that purpose, and the heart beats in changing colors to the beat of the drummer.

Inside the sculpture, between the tangle of wires, is a flamethrower that casts fire from the center of the body – trunk.