Ruth Horam’s Online Archive

Versatile and distinctive artist that she is, Ruth has found an original way of offering the net surfer a novel perspective on the variety of her oeuvre. We now add to her site another dimension emerging from of an assemblage that reflects the artist's work and untiring study, spanning a period of fifty-odd years' creativity.

Ruth started exhibiting throughout Israel in the early nineteen sixties as an emerging artist. Travels with her late husband, diplomat and poet Yehuda Horam, provided opportunities for study, art work and exhibitions in different parts of the world. An insightful partner Yehuda collected documentation on his wife's first exhibits. In the course of time their home was filled with masses of newspaper cuttings, postcards and invitations, photos, catalogues and exhibition albums connected with Ruth Horam's activities and oeuvre.

The collection has been organized into galleries according to the various exhibitions and associated events on which there is documentation. Sometimes the documentation preserved is voluminous, other times an event which may be of professional and personal value is recorded by a single reference.

Through a search window the archive can be explored by category, e.g. Subject, Exhibition Title, Place, Person, Year, Language, or a word in the title. Alternatively one can go through the collection chronologically by following exhibitions. Also accessible is Ruth Horam's professional biography which is reached through the archive's galleries.

Selected Exhibitions (English)