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"Art and More" displays a wide variety of Ruth Horam’s artwork.

"Art and More" invites you to embark on a journey across the different cultures which inspired Ruth Horam’s work. Through colors, landscapes and images, a collage of experiences from throughout the globe. These impressions and cultural fingerprints have merged into captivating works of art.

In this website you will find a vast spectrum of the artist’s work.

Click the image to watch the 2009 film "Studio Meetings with Ruth Horam" produced for The Israeli Television. We would be happy to schedule a personal appointment and provide further information.

Ruth Horam video
Click the image to watch the 2009 film "Studio Meetings with Ruth Horam", produced for The Israeli Television


Born in Tel Aviv. Graduated from The St. Martin School of Art in London. Resident in Jerusalem.

In addition to her printing techniques and paintings, creates Ruth Horam statues and wall art from recycled materials such as scrapped cars, while placing an emphasis on environmental and social issues. Her art is displayed at universities, public institutions and schools across Israel. Her paintings are featured on numerous prose, poetry book covers and magazines, by publications such as "The Bialik Institute", "Yedioth Ahronot Publishing", "Carmel Publishing", "Keshev Le'Shira" and others.

Founder of the “Art and More” website, Rachel Horam, studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem and at Parsons School for Design in New York. She is the former director of the Rubin Museum in Tel Aviv. Rachel Horam has been involved in many artistic, environmental projects for many years.


For the past 15 years Ruth Horam has been working at the Jerusalem Print Workshop on multimedia paper art techniques, based on screen printing. Horam incorporates various techniques in her work: freehand or photocopied screen prints, brush touches and more. Most of these techniques she developed and perfected throughout her career.

Horam often uses paper cuttings, leaves and twigs, fabric tears, nature and urban landscape photographs, and combines them with techniques such as drawing and screens to create various effects, such as transparency, depth and a unique color scale.

Ruth Horam's work incorporates the different cultural impacts she absorbed while living in various countries. Her own unique signature can be felt and experienced throughout her creation, which today is mostly inspired by the city of Jerusalem and the landscapes of Israel.